Hotel Online Acquires Hotel Plus

Hotel Plus is a hotel booking and reservation engine that was founded in 2009. Hotel Online, a hotel booking platform, announced on Wednesday that it has acquired the company. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The acquisition of Hotel Plus by Hotel Online is significant because it expands the reach of the company’s reservation engine to include online bookings for hotels outside of its existing network of properties. The addition of HotelPlus’ technology will allow Hotel Online to offer a more comprehensive product to its customers.

Hotel Online Acquires Hotel Plus

Hotel Online, a leading online hotel booking company, has acquired Hotel Plus. It is a leading online hotel reservation and travel agency. The acquisition will allow Hotel Online to expand its presence into the European market.

What is Hotel Plus?

Hotel Plus is a digital marketing platform that helps hotels connect with their guests. It offers a suite of tools to help hotels market their properties and engage with their guests.
The platform offers an interactive dashboard that lets hoteliers track key performance indicators (KPIs), such as reservations, room nights sold, social media engagement, and more. Hotel Plus also offers marketing automation features to help hotels automate their marketing efforts.
Hotels can use the platform’s analytics to identify trends and target their marketing campaigns accordingly.
In addition, Hotel Plus integrates with popular travel booking platforms, such as Expedia and Travelocity, to make it easy for guests to book hotel rooms online.

What will happen to Hotel Plus users?

According to Hotel Online, the company has acquired Hotel Plus and all of its users will be transferred over to the new platform. There is no word yet on what will happen to the old platform or any existing content.

Why Hotel Plus was acquired by Hotel Online

Hotel Online, a leading online hotel reservation platform, announced the acquisition of Hotel Plus, a leading online hotel comparison and booking service. This hotel will be merged into the Hotel Online platform and will continue operations as an independent company.

“We are excited to add Hotel Plus to our online reservation platform,” said Mark Greenberg, CEO of Hotel Online. The addition of this innovative service will provide our guests with even more choice and convenience when booking hotels online.

Hotel Plus is well known for its comprehensive online hotel comparison and booking service. It offers guests a variety of tools to find the best deals on hotels worldwide. The acquisition further strengthens Hotel Online’s position as the leading online hotel reservation platform.

What are the future plans for Hotel Plus?

Hotel Plus, an online hotel reservation and booking service, has acquired Hotel Plus. Hotel Plus is a hotel reservation and booking service that offers guests a variety of amenities to make their stay more comfortable. Hotel Plus will merge with the Hotel Plus brand and become a subsidiary of Hotel Online. The future plans for Hotel Plus include continuing to grow the brand and providing guests with the best possible experience.


Hotel Online, a hospitality company, has acquired Hotel Plus in an all-stock deal valued at $200 million. The move is seen as a way for Hotel Online to expand its offerings beyond online booking and into the traditional travel industry. The acquisition will help Hotel Plus grow its audience by adding new channels through which customers can book rooms and make reservations


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