Ways To Maintain The Coziness Of Your Hoodie Or Sweatshirt

Here’s how to maintain that hoodie from being squished, faded, and scratchy and keep it looking like the day you bought it.

A quality hoodie maker is an investment piece that will serve you well for many years to come. Losing the size or color of your beloved hooded sweatshirt in the wash is a significant bummer. Don’t throw away that comfy hoodie of yours.

Hoodies might be a pain to wash because their prints might fade or they might shrink in the washing machine. Furthermore, it is really bothersome when the hood string comes loose after washing.

Proper care is essential if you want your hoodie to last as long as possible. There are a few things you can do to keep it looking new for a lot longer, such as avoiding the risks of shrinking, fading, and losing its softness.

The proper way to clean and maintain your hoodie

  • The hoodie should not be washed after each use

In general, clothes lose their color the more you wash and dry them. Fabrics can pill (the threads break and coil up into small fuzzy balls) or fade from repeated washings.

Certain clothing, like sweaty gym clothes, must be washed immediately after each use. The hooded sweatshirt is an exception to this rule. It’s okay to wait for five or six wears before washing. In fact, that’s a major selling point for dressing in a hoodie rather than a jacket.

Consider using an anti-odor fabric spray to mask unpleasant scents in between washings if you’re worried about how things smell.

  • Toss the hoodie inside out

If you want to keep the design on your hoodie intact after washing it, flip it inside out first. This protects the outer layer from rubbing against other clothes in the wash and helps keep the color from bleeding.

Keep it sealed with a zipper to prevent it from becoming caught on another laundry. Hoodies with drawstrings should have the string secured before being washed.

When doing laundry, separate out the different textiles and garments but keep like items together. Classify things according to their hues and best fabric for sweatshirts.

  • Wash with cold water

Clothes, especially those made of cotton, are better off washed in cold water because of the reduced risk of shrinkage and fading. Reducing creases with cold water can also save time and money on ironing. Sweatshirts, cardigans, and pullovers do best when washed in cold water on a moderate cycle.

Hot water washing requires significantly more energy from your washing machine because 90% of that energy goes toward heating the water. If you wash your clothing in cold water instead of hot, you won’t need to use as much power, which is great news for your utility bills and the environment.

You may reduce your environmental impact even further by hand washing your hoodie if you have the time. In a small tub of detergent and cold water, soak the item for 20 minutes before rinsing. Care labels should be read when in doubt.

  • Choose your detergent carefully

While conventional detergent won’t harm your hoodie, a mild detergent will help keep the fabric in good shape for longer. Items like silk, wool, and cotton require mild detergents because of their fragility. You can prevent the hoodie’s color from fading by washing it in a detergent designed for that purpose.

You’ve probably heard that vinegar is a must-have product because of its versatility in the home. And it may be used on garments as well!

Just mix a small amount of vinegar with your mild laundry detergent. Natural fabric softener bonus: it prevents dark colors from blending together.

Here are 3 common mistakes you’re probably doing when washing your clothes

You may extend the life of your hoodie and other garments by avoiding the following laundry blunders.

  • Softening clothing with fabric softener

While using a fabric softener can temporarily reduce the appearance of wrinkles and maintain a pleasant aroma, it also leaves behind a waxy residue that can be difficult to remove. Fabrics lose some of their softest hoodie material and absorbency when coated with wax, which can be an issue for clothes designed to keep you dry during exercise. Drying your clothes by air or using wool dryer balls is something to think about.

  • Washing machine overload

Don’t give in to the urge to pile on extra garments. The added friction could eventually wear down your clothes. Make sure your hoodie has room to move around during the wash cycle.

  • Using the dryer as the sole means of drying

Fabrics will retain their softness and dimensional stability better when air dried. When possible, keep away from direct sunlight, since it might hasten the fading of colors. It’s best to dry it flat on a clean towel or hang it up in a dry, cool place.

Make your clothes last

Be sure to read the label before washing or cleaning anything, as this is where you’ll find information like whether or not the item is dry cleaned only.

Your hoodie will retain its softness, color, and durability if you wash it in cold water with a light detergent and let it dry naturally.


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